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​Our worship track focuses on training students how to plan, coordinate and lead worship in all of our services. Worship track students will not only be involved in planning the services of the practicum of their choice but will also learn the technical and practical sides of worship ministry.

All prospective worship track interns must submit an audition video in addition to the application.

This track is available for:

- Middle School 

- High School 

- College Age

- Satellite Campus (Middle and High School)


Production track is all about the technical aspects of ministry. Students will be equipped in knowledge of audio, lighting, building sets, and coordinating services. 

Production students are involved in...

- Sets

- Audio

- Lighting


 Our Digital Media students work together create active and new content for all of our ministries and events. Including knowledge in the Adobe Suite. Students in this track will learn skills to use in...

-Graphic Design


-Video Editing


-Social Media  



​Outreach track is designed for the student interested in learning the aspects of ministry in the community. This track focuses on...

-School outreaches

-Community outreaches

-Homeless ministry

-Bus ministry

-Mission trips


Hospitality track is designed to engage students in assisting our volunteer teams and managing all events. Students in this track learn skills in planning large events, coordinating volunteers, and building a welcoming atmosphere for the community we serve each week.

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