Serving God by Serving people.

Our communication students will learn how social media and graphic design work together to help market our church brand. 

Our outreach students learn the importance of connecting with the community and learn to love on those around us, creating a bigger impact on our city.

Our Digital Media students work together create active and new content for all of our ministries and events. Including knowledge in the Adobe Suite. Students in this track will learn skills to use in Graphic Design, Videography, Video Editing and web design.  

Our hospitality students learn how to create a welcoming environment when guest arrive on campus for one of our services. In addition the help coordinate and facilitate our venues during services. 

Our event students learn the in's and out's of event coordinating and how to work together in order to pull off major life changing events.

‚ÄčOur worship track focuses on training students how to plan, coordinate and lead worship in all of our services. Worship students will not only be involved in planning the services but will also learn the technical and practical sides of worship ministry.

Our performing arts students learn how to develop and accomplish the creative elements of services. In addition they also develop on going ideas for the ministry.